Long Wavy Grey Wig Bangs – Gray Wigs for Women Cosplay, Lolita Fashion Style Synthetic Hair with Wig Cap

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Price is deceiving! Better quality than the price 🙂

by Michelle (Amazon.com)

Such a cute wig! I’m not a wig expert and this is my first wig but I love it already. I’ve already named her Sofia and she sheds quite a bit but she is so versatile and soft! I trimmed her to my liking as the length didn’t look edgy enough for my taste and it looks cute even with the messy cut! The bangs also had to be cut because they dug right into my eyes if I set Sofia at the hairline. I was also afraid that it wouldn’t look great with my brown skin but she suits me well! The scalp is a little itchy but i’ll probably fix that with a vinegar rinse and then fabric softening wash later. It’s such a nice quality for the price!

Yes! Get it!

by Customer (Amazon.com)

This wig was super cheap yet it completely surprised me. It is very cute and long. The color may look a little bit darker in person but I can’t tell. Either way I needed a blonde wig to add to my wardrobe and I am completely satisfied with this one. The only bad thing about this wig is that it gets tangled very very easily. But that’s nothing a brush can’t handle. My favorite part was probably the bangs. The length was perfect so I didn’t need to cut it. All in all super cute wig.

Love almost everything about it..except the bangs. Super soft wig!

by Dave (Amazon.com)

Dave’s wife:

This is one of my all time favorite wigs.. I love almost everything about it, except the bangs- but I’ll mention that later.

This wig is super soft and lightweight. I suppose it could be borderline too thin for some people, but it’s perfect for me.

The color is great, the curls are so soft and feminine. The bangs are terrible, though. The bangs shown in the photo is not what I received, and I wish I had taken a photo before I fixed them.

The bangs on the wig I received were very thin, you could see big missing “spots” inbetween the hairs. It just looked terrible, like it was balding. I trimmed them shorter and took some from the longer sections and created additional bangs, then set with heat. This made the bangs look like they were intended to be bangs and not just wispy chunks of hair.

It was a fairly easy fix, but that’s the only thing keeping me from rating it 5 stars.

Super soft and gorgeous but tangled easily.

by M. Martin (Amazon.com)

I really like this wig a lot! The color is exactly what the picture looks like absolutely gorgeous! It’s wavy and very soft and beautiful. My only problem is that it’s gets tangled so quickly. Besides that I love this wig ❤️❤️❤️


by April Vang (Amazon.com)

Loved it ! Very volumous and the color is beautiful !!! I’m so glad I made this purchase ! I did cut the bangs because it was too long. But other than that it was a great fit !!

Good Wig

by Kasper (Amazon.com)

This wig is super cute. It’s super soft and looks just like hair. The reasons for only a three star rating is because
1. It sheds like CRAZY and is super easily tangled.
2. The bangs are way too long and are difficult to cut without looking wacky.
3. The cap is ridiculously placed, and looks a little off.
With a bit of styling and playing you can get it to look good though. Like i said, the wig is really cute and i’m pretty pleased, just wish the cap and bangs were more easily managed !!

Cute ass wig more than I expected!!

by Amazon Customer (Amazon.com)

I didn’t expect it come with the natural color and the waves is surely cute. A lot of people ask me where to buy it. And it’s really cheap for what I got. Even though it gets frizzy easily, I had fun time with it. Plus, it gets me to do the hair care without any complaints because the wig is really cute. I used moist hair spray to comb with and it works in reduce the harsh tangle. I would probably buy another one if the one I bought got ruined by times. Love it!

Not too bad (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

by CheySenpie (Amazon.com)

Its a really pretty wig (im happy that it came with a haircap because I didnt have one lol) the only two cons that I had with the wig was one, it was shedding quite a bit when detangling it, and two, I had to trim up the bangs because it was over my eyes xD.. Overall, the wig is really comfortable, pretty, and quite bouncy when I walk with it on haha.. Highly recommended using detangling products for this wig (I used some spray)
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